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is where Edward shares experience and knowledge of instrument building.

Classes are limited to 6 students are held at:

The Olde Town Pickin' Parlor
7515 Grandview Ave.
Arvada, Colorado
Wednesday evenings
From 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Three levels of instruction are available and all tools are provided

1 • Fundamental

This is where people with little or no woodworking experience can learn the basics of hand tool work while building a guitar from previously prepared materials.  Tops, backs, and sides are thicknessed and  fingerboards are slotted.  This is not a kit, however.  Students still need to bend their own sides, inlay their rosettes, and carve their necks.  They will also learn basic assembly procedures, brace carving and top voicing, binding, fretting, finishing (not lacquer), and set up.  They come away with either a dreadnaught or a OM size steel string guitar.

18 weeks of instruction, 3 hours per week. 
Next class begins August 2008. 
Cost is $1950 plus materials (approximately $425).

2 • Intermediate

This class is for people who have some basic woodworking knowledge (with permission of the instructor) or for those who have completed the fundamental level.  In addition to everything in the Fundamental Level, students perform some additional millwork and joinery (eg. joining book matched tops and backs) and the installation of wood binding and purfling.  Students build a Hauser style classical guitar.

22 weeks of instruction, 3 hours per week.
Intermediate Steel String Class begins January 2008

Cost is $2000 plus materials (app. $425).

3 • Advanced

This is for those who have completed the intermediate level.  It is self directed and designed in coordination with the instructor.   Instruments other than guitars ( eg. mandolins, basses, banjos, harps, etc.) can be built, and custom designs are encouraged. 

Costs and times are similarly customized.


Call Edward Victor Dick @ 303-777-7411

• Enrollment

Because of the limited class size (6 students) classes tend to fill early.  Reserving a space in the next available class requires a $150 non-refundable deposit. 

Deposit is credited toward tuition.

Graduates of the Colorado School of Lutherie

Hannah June 2002 December 2002

Inaugural Student
Hannah Caitlin Dick

June 2002
Fundamental/intermediate Class

December 2002

June 2003 December 2003 June 2004

June 2003

December 2003

June 2004

Advanced December 2004 June 2005

August 2004
Inaugural Advanced Graduate

December 2004

June 2005


December 2007 Fundamental

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